Skyrocket your conversion rates by knowing personalities of your prospects.

With trait-driven prospecting generation and marketing you get to know personalities of your cold contacts and make better results in email marketing. Over 90% of our customers recommend us.

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Get 30–50% better results in your email campaigns

By personalizing your messages for extroverts and introverts communication feels more natural to them and you get higher reaction rates.


Extroverts like huge possibilities and are not that much after for details. Use abundant expression and high emotional loading when talking to extroverts.


Introverts pay attention to studies and practical things. Visions of daydreamers are not for them. Get attention of an introvert by using data and research material. Give some time and space to react and explore by themselves.

What does your digital footprint tell about you?

Do you want to test how our algorithm analyses you? Does it see you as an introvert or extrovert? What else it can figure out based on given information?

Integrations for most popular CRM systems

You get the most out of personality data when it’s updated automatically to your CRM system.

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“67% of prospects are opening messages and 23% are also answering”

”We at Inhouse do customer acquisition by email using Traitspotter’s service. It has been amazing to see 67% of prospects opening messages and 23% of them also answering. We got improvement of 42% by using Traitspotter’s service. I haven’t seen this level conversion improvements in a long time.”

Eero Klemetti, Inhouse Group Oy

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”Traitspotters share in click generation was over 70%”

“Campaign based on using extraversion trait data succeeded well beyond our expectations. We analyzed only 40% of message receivers, but in the end 70% of clicks we got came from persons we sent personalized messages!”

Ville Viljanmaa, Flashnode Oy

How does our service work?

Wide range of academic research has recognized that personality has significant effect in purchasing behaviour. For example S.C. Matz from Columbia Business School has explored it with her colleagues from universities of Stanford and Cambridge. Practical study (>3M views) using extraversion type targeted footage got 56% better results in online campaign.

We at Traitspotter have executed several campaigns, which have improved results of our customers by 30–50%.

Simple execution

We’ve made it very easy to start:

1. Let’s analyse receivers
2. We’ll create campaigns and contents based on trait data.
3. We’ll execute campaign
4. Just enjoy results

Now and constantly

Once the data has been analysed, it can be used several times. And creating new campaigns won’t cost a lot time and money either.

  • How you like 30–50% higher and constantly maintained results in email marketing?
  • What kind of effect it would have for whole business if you got 30–50% more leads and sales?

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