Who are we?

Traitspotter Co. is Finnish technology company that helps businesses to communicate with their target groups more personalized and successful way.


Yet at the beginning of new century we were thinking that it would be great to know personalities of the other side of negotiations. Then there were no better methods than guessing after handshake. Nowadays machine learning and AI make it possible to analyse personality traits easily and efficiently.

Founders of company. Tomi, Jani and Jussi
Yritys-sivun kuvituskuva, jossa kahvikuppi kaksivärisellä taustalla

Our mission

We help companies around the world to communicate better. We want to help create a world in which all communication has been personalized based on target’s preferences. We mostly operate in B2B business helping bigger companies with self-service tools.


Experienced founders and joined key persons manifest the top of their fields. Together we make communication better.

Jani Karhunen

CEO, Founder

Over 20 year career in serial entrepeneurship and sales.

Tomi Räsänen

COO, Founder

Marketing and customership professional for over 20 years with long experience in entrepreneurship.

Jussi Kari

CTO, Founder

Software architect specialized in machine learning and AI.

Mika Kotikoski


Eetu Pernu


Join Us!

Send open application to Jani: jani.karhunen@traitspotter.com

What does your digital footprint tell about you?

Do you want to know how our algorithm analyses you? Does it see you as an introvert or extrovert? What else it can figure out based on given information?