HubSpot with Superpowers – The Traitspotter App

Better sales and marketing efforts with up2date contacts, decision maker search tool and personality insights!

HubSpot with Superpowers

The Traitspotter HubSpot App improves your marketing and sales efforts by 30-50%!


Finally up2date CRM contacts

25 % of people change their employer or position yearly. Invalid emails and phone numbers are wasted time and considered spam.

With up2date data the messages are delivered and updating data opens up new sales opportunities.


Right decision makers directly in HubSpot

Often you have to include several people to help your client reach a decision.

When all relevant decision makers are added to CRM, you can include them in your marketing and sales messaging. Faster and better closing!


Personality Insights for matching communication

Generic messages suits noone and results are below average.

With personalty insights you’ll know exactly how to communicate with each decision makers. Instant uplift of 30-50% in your efforts!

App and Pricing

Join the wave of Early Adopters and start using Traitspotter now for Free. For a limited time you’ll get all features to your use and a special follow-up offer for all the feedback you can give us

Intuitive use

HubSpot look & feel

– No need to learn or use new software
– Very simple onboarding
– Instant benefits

Lists and decision makers

Boost your sales and marketing

– Lists for Outdated contacts & Trait-driven Email Communication
– Decision Maker Search tool and instant Contact Creation to HubSpot

Kuvituskuva Traitspotterin hinnoittelusta


Subscriptions from 199€/m

– Special Pricing for Early Adopters!

“CRM usage has improved a lot as our data is up-to-date”

“Sales and marketing people have been really happy with less bounces and failed calls. The decision maker search tool has opened new sales opportunities too! Not to mentioned the improved open and click rates throughout our email and personal communication! This is huge!”

Ville Viljanmaa, CEO, Flashnode Oy

“67% of prospects are opening messages and 23% are also answering”

“We at Inhouse do customer acquisition by email using Traitspotter’s service. It has been amazing to see 67% of prospects opening messages and 23% of them also answering. We got a improvement of 42% by using Traitspotter’s service. I haven’t seen this level conversion improvements in a long time.”

Eero Klemetti, CEO, Inhouse Group Oy

Henkilökuvassa Inhouse Groupin Eero Klemetti
Henkilö pitää kädessään hehkulamppua, taustalla henkilö suunnittelee kampanjaa Traitspotter :in avulla

Other Traitspotter Services

The Features of the app are available also a standalone service. Contact us for checking the status of contact database, finding more relevant decision makers and using the trait-driven communication for BIG improvements in your sales and marketing efforts!

CRM Apps and our API

Our CRM apps are being developed based on the needs of our customers. Our API enables all kinds of integrations to all kinds of solutions..

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