How to Supercharge Email Marketing performance by Leveraging Insights About Introverts and Extroverts

This article explores how to enhance email marketing performance by leveraging insights into the personality traits of introverts and extroverts. It provides practical tips for crafting email content and tone that resonates with each personality type, leading to increased open, click, and reply rates. The article also introduces the Traitspotter app, which helps tailor email marketing strategies to the recipient’s personality, promising significant improvements in engagement and effectiveness.

In the complex environment of different human personalities, especially the introverts and extroverts stand out for their distinct traits. Introverts, often reflective and reserved, thrive in solitary settings and need time to recharge after social interactions. Extroverts, on the contrary, are outgoing and energised by social gatherings, displaying a natural knack for communication and networking.

In today’s business world email marketing has become a challenging arena. Marketeers and their marketing contacts are already bombarded with too many messages every day. Standing out from the noise is becoming harder, but for those who manage to catch the attention in the right tone and time, email marketing will still be a great tool to start discussions and to win new customers.

The Traitspotter insights are created to boost the open rates, click rates and reply rates of sent emails by more than 30%. By leveraging insights into a contact’s extroversion or introversion, Traitspotter equips marketeers with the knowledge to tailor the tone of the messages to match the naturally preferred style of the recipient.

The key to skyrocket email marketing performance lies in the tone of message. Using right words and right tone in the subject line and content (and images if used) has been proven to increate open, click and reply rates by staggering 30% to even 50%. When the tone is right, the message stands out from the crowd of random marketing messages and emails. By knowing and leveraging insights about individual traits of the contacts, particularly extroversion, marketeers can gain massive improvements to their email performance.

Here’s concrete examples of how extroverts and introverts are quite different in their preferred communication tone and tempo.

  • Extroverts generally enjoy social situations, are often talkative and sociable. Use an energetic opening line to greet them
  • Extroverts tend to think on a higher scale and about the big picture. Describe the huge opportunity you’re offering them
  • When sending emails to extroverts, you can suggest a call or ask for a short answer instead of including links to whitepapers or other such “boring” (as extroverts may view them) materials
  • Introverts are typically calmer, more reserved. By default your message is disturbing their flow, so keep it professional and to the point
  • Introverts tend to focus on the facts, data and have generally quite pragmatic approaches to their work. Include these to your message
  • When you’re sending an email introverts, open calmly, lead with the facts and tell about clear steps to proceed. Include links to additional materials

For some extroverts this part might have too many details. Their key take-away remains in the “30-50% more clicks”. The majority in introverts will value the details below. This is how to actually use Traitspotter to improve your email marketing performance.

1. Install the Traitspotter app from the HubSpot marketplace, drag the Traitspotter card in the Contact (and Company & Deal) view from the bottom of the right hand side column to the top

Subscribe a Tier level package to have all of your HubSpot contacts analysed.

2. Create a list with your normal filtering criteria such as MQLs and refine the list with the Extroverted groups in the Traitspotter filters.

Clone the list and edit the Traitspotter filters choosing the both Introverted groups

3. Create new emails, one for the introverted group and one for the extroverted group. Craft a subject line and content that is specifically written to each group. Select the recipients based on the List Membership and send.

(If you need help crafting the messages, see our Content Producer Guide for Email Marketing and contact your HubSpot Partner!)

4. Send the emails and watch the open rates, click rates and reply rates go higher than ever before.

The metrics usually improve by 30-50% causing a remarkable business effect!

If your contact base is large enough, you can also use the personalization in other digital marketing channels where you target a predefined list of people. Contact us or your HubSpot partner to learn more.

In short, understanding and leveraging the nuances of introversion and extroversion will significantly improve your email marketing outcomes. More opens, more clicks, more replies and more conversions. While Traitspotter offers the tools to this deep level of personalization, understanding the dynamics and different personalities lies in the core of improved email marketing performance.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. If not done already, sign up now and begin your journey towards more successful, tailored booking calls with Traitspotter. To craft the most impactful emails, talk with your HubSpot partner or contact us!