Successful Sales Meetings and Demos for Introverts & Extroverts – High Impact Tactics

This article outlines effective strategies for conducting sales meetings and demos, specifically focusing on the differing needs of introverts and extroverts. It emphasizes the significance of tailoring communication styles to match these personality types, thereby enhancing engagement and success rates. Additionally, the article introduces the Traitspotter app, a tool designed to provide insights and guidelines for improving sales interactions by aligning with the natural preferences of prospects.

Sometimes we meet people and have an instant connections. But sometimes it feels like the simplest things are not received like we wanted and planned. Quite often it’s just a matter of different personalities and how we prefer certain type of communication and level of details. Introverts among us are usually reflective and rather reserved. They rather focus on details and avoid small-talk. Extroverts, on the contrary, are outgoing and energized by social gatherings, displaying a natural knack for communication and networking.

In the modern business world having effective sales meetings and demos are quite tricky. There’s only little time to establish the connection and trust before the next meeting is already about to start. Those who know in advance what is the preferred communications style of the counterpart and to which matters to highlight, are in huge advance. They will close more deals in the preferred style and pace of the future customer.

The Traitspotter insights are created to improve the success rate of sales meetings and demos by more than 30%! By leveraging insights into a prospects’s extroversion or introversion, Traitspotter equips sales people with the knowledge to tailor the tone and pace of the meeting to match the naturally preferred style of the recipient.

The key to establish a rapport and get the message through is to know the right pace to present your case and which USPs to highlight. The Traitspotter insights give you five practical communication guidelines that match the dominating traits of your counterpart. You’ll know in advance if you should highlight reference cases, tell about the benefits for the whole team or whether you should offer first a free trial without commitments. These insights will help you to close more deals and improve your success rate by 30%.

Here’s concrete examples of how extroverts and introverts are quite different when it’s about sales meetings or demos.

  • Extroverts generally enjoy social situations, are often talkative and sociable. Use an energetic opening to greet them – get them talking, they like it
  • Extroverts prefer to see the big picture and don’t care that much about details. Remember to tell them about the huge opportunity you’re offering
  • When doing follow-ups to extroverts, you should just pick up the phone or use social media to connect. Avoid long emails as they won’t be reading them anyway
  • Introverts are typically calmer and even reserved. They prefer to keep their personal life private, so don’t ask how they family is doing. Suggest going directly to the matter
  • Introverts tend to focus on the facts, data and have generally quite pragmatic approaches to their work. Include these details to your presentation/demo
  • When doing a follow-up to introverts, send an email. Include additional information as excuse to contact them again. Avoid the “reminder” tone.

Extroverts! The impact is huge! This is a game-changer for you and your team and it is easy to implement! No need to start dedicating your time to learning, just follow the tips!

Introverts! By following these practical steps, you will gain similar results as our studies have shown. These proven tactics are based to academic studies and numerous client cases. It’s a safe bet that brings you more results.

1. Install the Traitspotter app from the HubSpot marketplace, drag the Traitspotter card in the Contact (and Company & Deal) view from the bottom of the right hand side column to the top

Subscribe a On Demand level package to have all of your HubSpot contacts analysed. Or start with the trial – it includes everything you need here

2. Create or find a contact you are planning to meet. The contact view already tells you same basics about the contact.

You can also click “view more” to stay in HubSpot view and have some more facts.

3. Click the Traitspotter button to open the detail view with the 5 practical communication guidelines. Remember these when you’re talking and presenting. Highlight the recommended aspects to maximize the impact of the time you and your prospect are spending together.

(If you need help adjusting your sales pitch, contact your HubSpot Partner or us!)

4. Follow-up with an offer or additional materials in the preferred channels of your prospect and see how deals are moving forwards with better rate and optimal pace.

The sales metrics usually improve even by 30% causing a game-changing business effect!

A simple trick to get started in sales teams is also to pair your extroverted sales reps with your extroverted prospects and your introverted experts with your introverted prospects

In summary, understanding and leveraging the nuances of introversion and extroversion will significantly improve your sales performance. Every rep that understands and uses the insights will bring the company more sales. The Traitspotter tools help you on this great journey, but generally it is important that you and your sales rep understand the big role of personality traits in communication.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. If not done already, sign up now and begin your journey towards more successful, tailored booking calls with Traitspotter. To craft the most impactful emails, talk with your HubSpot partner or contact us!