Find New Contacts to Hubspot. The Finder feature of Traitspotter HubSpot app

New Contacts to HubSpot

In today’s dynamic business landscape, expanding your network and discovering new contacts is essential for driving growth. Adding new Contacts to Hubspot can be easily done by using the Finder feature in Traitspotter HubSpot App. With its user-friendly interface and advanced filtering options, the Finder feature simplifies the process of contact and lead discovery. In this article, we’ll explore how the Traitspotter HubSpot App’s Finder feature revolutionizes the way users expand their network and effortlessly add valuable contacts to their HubSpot platform.

Effortless Contact Discovery

The Finder feature in Traitspotter HubSpot App enables users to easily access the Contact Finder from any Company page or by clicking the “Find Contacts” tab in the Contact details view. This intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly navigate and explore potential contacts.

Advanced Filtering Options

The Finder feature offers powerful filtering options that help users narrow down their search based on specific criteria. Users can filter contacts by function, such as “technology,” “marketing,” “hr,” “purchasing,” and more. Additionally, users can refine their search by specifying the level of the contact, such as “manager,” “director,” “csuite,” or “contributor.” These filtering options enable users to target their search to find contacts who align with their specific requirements and objectives.

Enhanced Search Functionality: The Search text function within the Finder feature allows users to search for contacts using any text phrase. Users can input keywords, job titles, or specific phrases related to their target contacts. This flexible search functionality ensures that users can find contacts based on their unique preferences and needs.

Flexible Company Name Matching: The Finder feature also provides a toggle option called “Strict company name matching (recommended).” By default, this option is selected to ensure precise matching of company names. However, users can choose to deselect this option if the targeted company name is often spelled in various ways. Note that deselecting this option may display more contacts that may not necessarily work for the targeted company, as partial company name matches will be accepted.

Seamless Contact Addition

Adding a new contacts to HubSpot is a breeze with the Finder feature. Once the desired contact is found, users can simply click the “Import” button, and the contact will be added to HubSpot. The contact will be automatically created with the displayed first name, last name, title, and company information. An email address is also automatically generated using the default format firstname.lastname@companyname.tld. It’s important to note that currently, the email address is not validated. Furthermore, an association to the company in HubSpot is automatically established, ensuring seamless contact management within the platform.

Unlocking Personality Insights

Once a contact is added, Traitspotter HubSpot App automatically analyzes the contact to provide valuable insights, such as the optimal communication style to engage with that person. These insights enable users to tailor their communication and build stronger relationships with their contacts. The new contact data will be also later monitored by the Updater feature.

The Finder feature in Traitspotter HubSpot App empowers users to expand their network and effortlessly add valuable contacts to their HubSpot platform. With advanced filtering options, flexible search functionality, and seamless contact addition, users can discover and connect with contacts that align with their specific requirements. Leveraging the power of the Finder feature, users can enhance their network and fuel their sales and marketing efforts with precision. Just Login and start adding new contacts to HubSpot.