Open Letter for Sales Directors: Are we aiming high enough? A few words about Insights and Motivation

Open Letter for Sales Directors

Dear Sales Directors,
This is me, Tomi Räsänen, a seasoned Sales Person with years of experience from huge enterprises to small start-ups. And just like you, I know the sales work in all kinds of organizations follow the same principles.

In the fast-paced world of sales, where every second counts, we often find ourselves searching for that slightly better edge. We make incremental improvements – a bit better CRM, a few more leads hunted, or a marginally more efficient workflow or presentation. But is this time well used? Why don’t we use the time to challenge the norm and go for some really big leaps?

Questioning the Status Quo
Why settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is perhaps within reach? Instead of minor tweaks, we should strive for monumental shifts in our sales team’s performance. Sometimes the 1-2% improvements make a huge impact, but shouldn’t we still aim to 10x of that?

It’s Always About Personal Connections
Sales is more than just numbers and quotas; it’s a profound connection between people. It’s about understanding your prospects, connecting with them on a human level, and showing them how your solution genuinely addresses their needs.
Let’s ask ourselves, how well do we truly know our prospects? Are we communicating with them on a personal level, or are we just delivering pitches? The heart of every sale lies in these connections. I read that 94% of Sales people say that knowing the buyer’s personality helps closing deals. I suppose that self evident as we rather do business with people that are similar in style. Are we doing everything to help the team to know the traits and preferences of their prospects? I think there’s a huge opportunity right there!

The Power of Data and Insights
Imagine having a tool that doesn’t just provide data but offers profound insights into your prospects’ unique communication styles. This isn’t just information; it’s the key to creating personalized outreach that resonates deeply.
But here’s the fascinating part: these insights aren’t just for your prospects. They’re for your team too. In high volume sales-led models, you could simply pair extroverted prospects with your extroverted sales people and introverted prospects with your introverted sales professionals. Simple, but highly effective.

Motivation Breeds Success
Sales is not for the faint of heart. Rejections can wear down even the most seasoned salespeople. And not just rejections – outdated data and calls to people who have already changed their jobs really kills the good buzz. It can be a disaster.
You and your team can dodge this bullet. Having the right insights, data, and tools at your disposal makes your sales team to really hit it off with their prospects, delivering a huge improvement in motivation (and sales).

A Solution for this
I believe that Traitspotter could be the best thing available to achieve all this. It equips your team with invaluable insights and ensures your data remains fresh and accurate. It empowers you to supercharge your sales team’s performance, keep them motivated, and drive unprecedented success. It’s build by sales people for sales people (well, some techies with sales understanding were definitely needed during the development too! 😄). I encourage you to have a look at the Traitspotter HubSpot app and tell me if you can see the benefits!
But, regardless of the solution, I challenge you, dear Sales Director, to aim high. Challenge the status quo, foster personal connections, harness data and insights, and watch your sales team soar to new heights.

To your sales success,
Tomi Räsänen
Founder, Traitspotter
+49 163 716 7767