Personality types at workplace

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Did you know that an adult’s personality is a very stable and permanent characteristic? Many of the problems in the workplace are simply due to the fact that people do not sufficiently understand the importance of personality in everyday interactions. Even though talking about introverts and extroverts, for example, has spilled into everyday language!

However, few are truly ready to think about how deeply these characteristics affect, for example, down to the choice of words, and that talking about introverts, extroverts and personality is actually hard science!

What are the personality types?

To continue from the question at the beginning, it would be important in work communities to focus on serving employees based on their own personality and not trying to change it. Different traits produce different strengths and improve performance in different tasks. Scientifically confirmed and highly researched personality traits include openness to new experiences, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional balance, and fifth, extroversion, which is related to the previously mentioned talk about introverts and extroverts. Each trait should be understood as a line, at one end of which the feature is very strong, at the other end it is low, and each person’s personality smoothly settles on these lines. Introversion or inward orientation and extroversion or outward orientation are examples of different ends of this one trait segment.

Respecting personality

Taking personality into account is the keyword in many cases where you want to improve the working community. Perhaps at this point it is good to mention that personality means by definition a person’s deep and comprehensive way of being, thinking and feeling. It is important for people to be understood as themselves, and in a nutshell this means, for example, that a person’s well-being at work improves and a person does his job better when his deepest and most genuine humanity is taken into account. People are strangely becoming interested in committing to jobs when their personality is taken into account. Taking personality into account is a scientific and practical way to approach, for example, individuality, which usually remains too general jargon to talk about.

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